ATTN: Honorably Discharged Military Veterans: Scholarship Opportunity

A nationally recognized business leader and four time author is willing to give you some of the best real estate business training available as a thank you

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This Training Gives You

  • A solid understanding of how real estate markets work, how to measure them, and how to tell them apart
  • Strategies for what do do in each market, regardless of market cycle
  • An understanding of why and how apartment buildings can create wealth for your family
  • Who the players are in the market, how to talk with them, and what to say
  • How to value multi-family properties so they can make you money on day one
  • Where to find the money to buy apartments – even if you don’t have any
  • Why investors will love to give you money to buy more
  • What NOT to do – so you don’t get into trouble
  • And much more…

Multi-Family Investing Is

  • A legitimate and fun business
  • A great way to create wealth – five (5) different ways actually
  • Good for the community
  • Something that you CAN do
  • Something the government NEEDS small business owners to do
  • Working with the only asset class that makes money through passive income, depreciation, equity build up, appreciation, and leverage – all while being insured
  • Smart. Apartments provide economies of scale (one roof, one heating system, lots of units, etc)
  • Something the rich have done for a looong time (there’s a reason for that)
  • Good to know as a wealth creation strategy even if you’re not running your own mulit-family real estate business

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Our hope is if you can’t use the information within, or don’t qualify for a program, that you know someone who can – and you share it. As when we wore uniforms, we take care of one another.

At the time we stood up this Web site, we had three pretty cool programs in the pipeline – two of them for disabled veterans. Sometimes, disabled veterans just need a way to find their grove again. These programs were designed to do that and we’re excited to share them with you!

We simply want to get good information into your hands so you can do what you think best with it. Expect that we will be covering different topics as time goes on.

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